"Major Oak opens our eyes to different opportunities and options. Their structured approach ensures better communication, detailed and constant feedback on what is being done, and how it’s getting done. We also value their sense of urgency. They kept us on track and made it happen faster."- COO at a leading BPO and Contact Center Outsource provider

Business Strategy

Today’s business markets are more complex than ever, forcing organizations to address more competitive landscapes, rapidly advancing technologies, a myriad of operational challenges and a variety of partnering and outsourcing options. As an independent and trusted advisor, we collaborate with our clients to frame their strategy and map a clear path to significant performance improvements. Our innovative thinking challenges the status quo and uncovers new opportunities to maximize profits and enable a more effective work environment. Our implementation expertise helps you realize these opportunities through skilled facilitation, proven methodologies, and unparalleled consulting talent.

We utilize four primary services to solve our clients’ strategic challenges.

  • Strategy Development
  • Goal Alignment
  • HR Outsourcing Advisory Services
  • Customer Experience

Whether your organization is rapidly growing, adapting to market changes or in the midst of M&A activity, Major Oak works with you to develop a winning strategy. Our Senior Management Consultants adapt our framework to your specific needs. Our strategy portfolio includes:

  • Mergers & Acquisition Advisory Services
  • Customer Pricing Model Development
  • Business Development Strategy and Support
  • Cost Reduction Programs
  • Staffing and Retention Strategy
  • Shared Services – Organizational Effectiveness