"Major Oak opens our eyes to different opportunities and options. Their structured approach ensures better communication, detailed and constant feedback on what is being done, and how it’s getting done. We also value their sense of urgency. They kept us on track and made it happen faster."- COO at a leading BPO and Contact Center Outsource provider

ERP Solutions

The goal of every organizational manager is to have access to objective and near real-time operational and financial data. This knowledge allows for proactive and faster reactive, decision making to improve profitability and gain market share. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) computing systems are able to integrate and organize massive amounts of internal and external data; however, the key to a successful integration is to ensure the system is configured, populated and implemented to create value for the organization and not become a financial or operational burden.

Major Oak Consultants have acquired extensive knowledge in managing successful implementations of all major ERP platforms in both private and public sector companies. We know the commencement of an ERP project is not when the application software is installed. Much planning and documentation effort is necessary to ensure the ERP application is installed correctly. The organization must identify, establish and communicate their project vision, strategy, guiding principles and performance goals to their associates. Another critical aspect of a successful implementation is to have all current- and future-state processes documented. Proper process documentation can save considerable time and costs during the configuration, testing and troubleshooting phases of the project.

Our experience allows our consultants to identify and resolve cascading issues and conditions that typically lead to cost overruns and time delays. The entire organization must be prepared to embark on an intensely integrated project. This starts with preparing the technology infrastructure and culminates with the users and clients. Any misstep in this chain of interdependency can cause a failed project. Our consultants are very knowledgeable about the impact of the ERP to the infrastructure starting at the network connectivity and computer operations to the capacity and readiness of the individual user devices. Many organizations correctly focus on the application but often overlook the technology infrastructure. The technology infrastructure needs to be reviewed and confirmed to be sufficient to properly support the environment based on the current and future estimated transaction cycles and data requests. Without proper technology delivery planning and subsequent upgrades, a perfectly configured system that takes seconds to respond to user interaction will cause immense frustration to the users. Major Oak consultants utilize a holistic approach to the implementation ensuring all aspect are reviewed and prepared.

An ERP implementation will impact almost every function in an organization. Major Oak consultants provide the knowledge needed to ensure a positive outcome.

  • Project Strategy
  • Feasibility Analysis and Recommendations
  • Financial Analyses – Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Process Documentation and Improvement
  • Technology Assessments
  • System and Data Integration Mapping
  • Historical Data Migration/Repository
  • Project Planning
  • Talent Identification and Staff Training Plans
  • Project Management
  • Change Management
  • Technology Configuration Management
  • System Integration/Interfaces
  • Implementation Testing and Documentation
  • Business As Usual (BAU) and Planning
  • Technology Operational Support and Life Cycle Planning
  • Project Closure and Benefit Analysis

An ERP is a fully integrated and encompassing system impacting every aspect of your organization from technology, processes and management to your suppliers and clients. Major Oak Consulting provides the resources knowledgeable in all aspects of ERP projects allowing for successful implementations that will improve operational visibility, increase productivity and deliver a positive return on investment.