"I'm looking for intelligence and that's what I get with Major Oak. It's more about their thought process as opposed to a specific area of expertise that makes them a great partner. We value their focus, attention to detail and thoroughness – and they are much more nimble and flexible than other providers. It's like Christmas morning when I get their final deliverable. I know what to expect, but I always get more."- Senior Director, Human Resources at a global Fortune 100 company

M&A IT Integration Strategy

The integration or disposition of IT organizations is a challenge. Many aspects of the project are often overlooked and can cause considerable expense and frustration with your internal associates, external vendors and clients. Major Oak Consulting has experienced senior level technology consultants with extensive executive and technical experience to successfully help your organization navigate through this rarely occurring process.

We believe the key to a successful integration or disposition is having a knowledgeable leader manage the effort and facilitate the proceedings. The knowledge of our experienced consultants has to include the entire technology stack from physical connectivity to user interfaces. Our consultants can quickly assist in identifying the required information, identifying congruities and disparate gaps, developing plans and timelines and estimating capital and short-term operational budgets for the smooth transition of systems and support responsibility.

Our consulting analysis can include:

  • Internet Connectivity
  • LAN/WAN Design
  • WAN connectivity
  • Email and Website Platforms
  • Network Security
  • Remote Access Security
  • System Operations and Governance
  • Applications (Enterprise/Departmental/Operational)
  • Asset Management
  • Financial Applications
  • HR Applications
  • Business Specific Application
  • PC/Laptop Inventory and Life Cycle Management
  • Telephony

Major Oak’s senior level consultants can provide a structured and clear process to help our clients understand their overall IT integration strategy, as well as the associated impact and risks of the acquisition. A client of ours recently said our involvement in their acquisition ‘brought a sense of calm confidence’ to a pressured situation, with deliverables that were ‘thorough and easy to follow.’