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Customer Experience

Major Oak employs a highly unique approach to understanding how companies interact with their customers, whether customers are satisfied, and if not, how to make improvements to the customer’s experience. Our unique approach incorporates how your customers are influenced by all of their interactions with your company, as well as how external interactions with competitors, social media, news, advertising, etc. impact their perception of your organization and their satisfaction.

The Customer Experience Lifecycle


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Major Oak’s distinctive Customer Experience approach provides a robust, insightful view of the customer experience lifecycle, starting at pre-sales through maturity, from the customer’s point of view.

Customer Experience Mapping

A customer experience map is a visual representation of the end-to-end service journey of a customer, including their expectations before their first encounter. It shows their perspective from the beginning, middle and end as they engage in services to achieve their goal, showing the range of tangible and quantitative interactions, triggers and touch points, as well as the intangible and qualitative motivations, frustrations and meanings.

A Customer Experience Map

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Why build a Customer Experience Map?

A Customer Experience Map enables us to answer the following types of questions:

  • What needs do customers have?
  • What are all the different internal and external customer touchpoints?
  • What is the current customer experience?
  • What is the ideal customer experience?
  • How well does the organization meet customer expectations?
  • Which touch points most impact customer experience positively & negatively?
  • Before each stage of their experience, what do customers expect?
  • To what resources do customers turn to satisfy their needs?
  • Which other entities are impacting your customer’s experience?

Deeper Analysis

In order to fully understand the customer experience, Major Oak uses a variety of research methods. We use the following metrics and tools to facilitate our analysis:

Transactional Data:

  • Call center statistics e.g. contact volumes, performance metrics, etc.
  • Operational metrics e.g. retention rates, complaint volumes / types, etc.
  • Website statistics e.g. page traffic, sales conversion rates, click-through rates, time spent on pages

Customer Experience Research Tools:

  • Focus groups
  • Customer interviews
  • Customer surveys
  • Mystery shopping
  • Social media review / assessment

Observational Research Tools:

  • Customer observations
  • Accompanied shopping / product usage
  • Recording and analyzing in-store patterns of shoppers

In today’s world, there are many influences, both direct and indirect, that impact your customers’ perceptions of your brand and their experiences with your brand. Major Oak will paint a strategic picture of the current customer environment, highlight what is important to the customer and develop the ideal customer experience.