"The team members that worked the project were extremely knowledgeable and we were able to implement the changes ahead of the projected schedule." - VP Customer Service financial services firm

Change Management

Change Management is the discipline that helps organizations manage the impact of change on the people in the organization. It requires strategy, impact assessments and carefully planned messaging, communications and training. Any change will create resistance, questions and misunderstandings. An effective Change Management Plan anticipates and addresses these bumps in the road so that performance improvements can thrive and reach their full potential.

Our experts work closely with you and your team to coach and prepare you to manage the planned change. We provide overviews of change management and the change process to help you drive employee understanding and buy-in throughout the project. Our proven tools, templates and techniques proactively address potential issues before they impact your project.

A Change Management Program will identify… …so that your organization, individually and collectively
What the planned change is and when it will occur Is not surprised by the change or the timing
Who the stakeholder groups are and how the change specifically impacts each of them Understands if the change is important to them
Why the change is necessary Understands the benefits to individuals and the overall company
What is expected of individuals and groups Modify processes and behaviors appropriately
The system, process and job training they will receive to develop any new skills or knowledge needed to do their jobs well in the new environment Gain comfort that they will build skills, be able to take advantage of new technology and benefits offered, and continue to be successful

Change Management Services:

  • Change Strategy and Planning – We will develop a comprehensive plan to address the impact of each stage of your initiative
  • Change Leadership Training and Development – We will design and deliver training for your executives and sponsors so they fully understand and embrace their roles, key messages and responsibilities throughout the initiative
  • Organizational Alignment – We will assess if your organizational structure is the most effective structure to achieve organizational and project goals. We will also assess the required capabilities for your organization and determine if your existing employees possess the requisite skills
  • Training – We will build a detailed plan and curriculum that identifies and addresses all of the system and process training needed as part of your initiative
  • Targeted Communications – Using communication vehicle analysis and calendaring tools, we will work with your team to develop and execute targeted communications. Whether it is newsletters, memos, presentations, town hall meetings, flyers, banners or other vehicles, we will ensure the communication approach aligns with your company’s culture and infrastructure to effectively build excitement and buy-in for the improvement initiative and the change it will drive