"I'm looking for intelligence and that's what I get with Major Oak. It's more about their thought process as opposed to a specific area of expertise that makes them a great partner. We value their focus, attention to detail and thoroughness – and they are much more nimble and flexible than other providers. It's like Christmas morning when I get their final deliverable. I know what to expect, but I always get more."- Senior Director, Human Resources at a global Fortune 100 company

Goal Alignment

Meeting your performance objectives is highly dependent upon the seamless execution of your strategy. We find that in many organizations, important partnerships and key projects are not always aligned with the organization’s strategy. Major Oak’s simple, straightforward Goal Alignment methodology compares and contrasts your intended strategy with the perceptions and plans of your key internal and external partners. In a confidential manner, we assess stakeholders’ awareness and understanding of your initiatives. Typically short in duration, this exercise efficiently aligns goals across the organization, saving our clients months of potentially misguided effort. To demonstrate the benefits of this service, here are key stakeholder insights from an actual project:

Are there any obstacles, issues or risks to overcome to meet the project goals?
Communication was clearly the number one risk of all interviewees*

Stated Risks, Issues, Or Concerns # or Mentions
Lack of/gap in communication 16
Defined roles & responsibilities 13
Absence of adequate knowledge transfer/training 12
Lack of understanding of system and capabilities 10
Need for improved teamwork and information flow 9
Lack of management/project management. Poor communication from management 9
Lack of responsiveness between departments 9
Project timeline/resources 9
No one administrative voice/unclear mandate 8
Scheduling disconnect between HR & IT 8
Interviewee Quotes – Question 2
“I’m very concerned about knowledge transfer… we need to have a good balance and be a real project team.”
“Some project roles are still unclear.”
“We need people at the top to resolve conflicts.”
“We have some definite resource issues on this project.”
“We need to do a much better job of communicating changes to one another.”
“Even if our level of sophistication is good, we are hobbled by the lack of data currently available in the system.”
“When it comes to scheduling (production), we have two extremes: batch environment versus seat of our pants.”

Our Goal Alignment expertise:

  • Facilitates open discussion that reveals and addresses stakeholder thoughts and concerns
  • Educates the management and staff of the organization and the project team
  • Assesses the organization’s perception of the strategy
  • Uncovers risks and opportunities for mitigating them
  • Eliminates time wasted executing ill-informed strategies based on misperceptions and lack of understanding/awareness