"I'm looking for intelligence and that's what I get with Major Oak. It's more about their thought process as opposed to a specific area of expertise that makes them a great partner. We value their focus, attention to detail and thoroughness – and they are much more nimble and flexible than other providers. It's like Christmas morning when I get their final deliverable. I know what to expect, but I always get more."- Senior Director, Human Resources at a global Fortune 100 company

Performance Management

Through our Performance Management projects, Major Oak implements positive, sustainable change and a significant ROI.

Major Oak consultants have helped hundreds of clients increase employee productivity, reduce cost and improve operational efficiency through performance management initiatives. Using a hybrid approach that draws from activity-based management techniques and the DMAIC principles of Six Sigma, Major Oak will create a culture of performance management and continuous improvement in your operation. To ensure all operational improvements are achieved and sustainable, Major Oak will work on the frontline with your team implementing the desired changes and will stay on until the new processes and management disciplines are fully assimilated in the operation.

Client results typically include:

  • Agreement on work definition, processing steps and reasonable expectancies
  • Best practices built into processes and performance standards
  • Streamlined workflows, quick-hit process improvements, increased productivity, reduced waste, improved service and higher quality
  • An emerging culture focused on performance management, where supervisors spend more time coaching and developing their staff
  • Fully integrated performance reporting that brings daily visibility to productivity, cost, quality and service for all employees, regardless of work content
  • Reduced cost, balanced performance and significant ROI in year one

Our Performance Management Program is a catalyst that drives improvements in productivity and operational efficiency, delivering a significant ROI.