"The project was completed on time and above projected savings. Additionally, the flow of the project and interactions with team members was positive." - VP Client Services financial services firm

Process Excellence

Major Oak’s process improvement approach starts with a thorough review and assessment of your people, processes and technology enablers. Our deliverable is a comprehensive, yet realistic action plan that streamlines processes, integrates best practices, automates routine activities and leverages the power of technology.

Our Business Process Excellence service offerings include:

Business Process Reengineering (BPR) is most effective when an organization desires a major improvement in the way it performs a process or conducts a part of its business. We collaborate with your team, facilitating brainstorming sessions and performing the detailed analysis needed to get to the root cause of your business problems and to identify the innovative changes that will drive future success.

Our BPR methodology ensures a comprehensive review of the current environment. We analyze all alternatives that may provide an improvement over past approaches, including elimination of non-value added activities, organization changes, consolidation of similar activities, outsourcing and utilization of new technologies.

Major Oak’s unique process optimization approach recognizes that many companies have already spent a significant amount of time and money on technology and operational improvements, but still need help maximizing the benefits these investments can yield.

Major Oak combines two important aspects of improvement:

  • Our process expertise challenges the status quo and develops a view of the improved future
  • Our technology expertise addresses the key functionalities of today’s software, like self-service and web access, that so many companies are having difficulty leveraging

Process Optimization – An Incremental Approach to Performance Improvement

Our process optimization approach builds on and improves your existing processes and technology. This approach is less radical to the organization than traditional BPR, while still incorporating best practices to realize a significant ROI. Optimization identifies practical solutions that can be implemented immediately, while at the same time establishing a solid foundation for continuous improvement and long-term success. This is especially effective as part of a technology upgrade or implementation strategy.

At Major Oak, our passion is helping our clients achieve their goals and our expert team will work tirelessly for you in the pursuit of improved quality and service and reduced operational costs. We deliver results.