"Major Oak opens our eyes to different opportunities and options. Their structured approach ensures better communication, detailed and constant feedback on what is being done, and how it’s getting done. We also value their sense of urgency. They kept us on track and made it happen faster."- COO at a leading BPO and Contact Center Outsource provider

Talent Management

Regardless of industry or size, every organization is faced with the challenge of how to attract, develop and retain great talent. Successful companies gain a competitive edge when Talent Management becomes an essential business practice. Our team of experts at Major Oak Consulting can help align talent practices with your business strategy to improve operational efficiencies, employee engagement and business culture.

We bring thought leadership to each part of the “Talent Life Cycle” as employees flow through your organization. Major Oak will strategically assess your talent practices and recommend opportunities to optimize key components, including:

  • Recruiting and Candidate Assessment Tools
  • Onboarding / Orientation
  • Performance Management Policies and Systems
  • Succession Management and the Identification of High Potentials vs. Higher Performers
  • Diversity and Inclusion Programs
  • Leadership Development and Executive Coaching
  • Total Rewards Strategy and Implementation
  • Vendor Management of HR Systems
  • Workforce Management
  • Employee Communications

We can assess your “employee value” proposition to determine if it effectively targets communications to all organizational segments and that your total rewards strategy is fully understood and drives employee satisfaction.

Talent Management is increasingly seen by senior leaders as an integral part of a company’s governance structure and worthy of executive commitment and investment. In today’s competitive landscape, dynamic leaders cultivate a talent mindset that links business objectives and desired competencies to client needs.

Let Major Oak help shape your talent story and the underlying factors that drive positive change and an enduring pipeline of quality employees.