"The team members that worked the project were extremely knowledgeable and we were able to implement the changes ahead of the projected schedule." - VP Customer Service financial services firm

Case Studies

Continuous Improvement (CI) Initiative

  • Established organizational goal alignment and prioritization
  • Formed a cross-functional Continuous Improvement team
  • Created a culture of Continuous Improvement

Business Process Modeling

  • Current state process maps were developed in a time frame significantly faster than initially anticipated by the State. Major Oak completed the process mapping within a 10 week time frame, while other vendors proposed a 20 to 30 week time frame.
  • Future state process maps were created enabling a vision for near term and long term system upgrades
  • 100 opportunities for improvement were identified and categorized in terms of impact and timeline

Lean Business Transformation

  • Redesigned the operating model to deliver improved service levels within a customer centric culture at 25% workforce reduction
  • Identified key opportunity areas and developed sustainable and scalable solutions that will be leveraged across other areas of the business
  • Developed Lean capabilities and understanding within the business to enable ongoing opportunity identification and resolution
  • Collaborated with the outsourcing vendor to strengthen the relationship and establish a mutually beneficial working arrangement for the client and vendor

Implementation Process Optimization

  • Greater than 60% reduction in implementation time for client’s key product from 300 days to less than 100 days
  • 43 unique opportunities identified, resulting in 19 individual projects
  • Reduced implementation times
  • New business practices and disciplines
  • Redesigned business processes & business rules
  • Business wide meeting framework and improved business disciplines
  • IT-related improvements
  • Culture shift to environment of collaboration and continuous improvement

Performance Management – Client Services

  • Implemented shared services model
  • Developed custom application to receive, distribute and track work
  • Installed activity-based management performance reports to measure employee productivity and service
  • Delivered hard dollar savings of $465K in 23 weeks and identified additional savings opportunity of $712K; total project savings of $1.2 MM

Performance Management – Front/Back Office

  • Implemented enhanced call routing using existing ACD features
  • Implemented a multi-team approach to support phone and non-phone work
  • Maintained service levels while reducing turnaround time 34%
  • Delivered hard dollar savings of $650K in 18 weeks


Risk Modeling

  • Performed a statistical model evaluating over 400 enterprise applications containing almost 8 million data elements from operational metrics and technological environment conditions
  • Identified applications having higher relative risk and needing further review utilizing an objective assessment method and establishing a portfolio benchmark
  • Developed detailed modeling process diagrams and instructions allowing for Knowledge Transfer (KT) and model mentoring with internal Subject Matter Experts (SME)

IT Acquisition Integration

  • Performed exhaustive inventory of all data and voice technologies
  • Identified technology congruency and disparate integration points
  • Provided comprehensive report identifying integration requirements, recommendations, strategy, budget and timeline

Day 2 Strategy

  • Identified and documented the cascading impacts of their Global Communication Platform (GCP) project with input from seven track leads/teams classifying 70+ projects by tracks impacted, enterprise risk and relative consequence ranking
  • Coordinated Day 2 strategy for technology infrastructures of over 40 countries having 40+ email and calendaring systems, 20+ intranets, 30+ directory structures and 35+ file sharing systems
  • Presented the next year project roadmap identifying seven initiatives comprised of 35 projects

Data Masking

  • Reduction of risk in 61 applications (11 more than targeted by Board of Directors) in initial 6 months of program using data masking, process change and application sun setting techniques
  • Program exceeded initial risk mitigation goal and was 6% under budget
  • Established several risk management procedures and Business-As-Usual (BAU) governance framework to evergreen the program

Quality Program Improvement

  • Benchmarked the center against ten world-class quality programs to highlight best practices and identify improvement opportunities
  • Worked with leaders to implement desired program changes
  • Changes resulted in 25 straight months of year of year CSAT improvements

Operational Assessment

  • Identified first year cost savings in excess of $1,000,000; 14% direct labor savings (against 205 agents)
  • Developed an 18-week project plan and savings schedule with guaranteed first year ROI of 3.5:1

Performance Management – Contact Center

  • Developed and fully installed Activity‐Based Management (ABM) system
  • Streamlined work processes across three regional offices
  • Reduced unit costs 16%; increased capacity 20%
  • First year savings of $1.7MM (against 237 agents); Project ROI of 3.3:1

Fast Growing Internet Marketing Firm, Private Equity Target

  • Delivered a total compensation plan with incentives to increase profits from 20 – 50% while maintaining a minimum of 100% revenue growth
  • Plan drove 50% increase in profit margins while revenue grew 220%
  • Plan incentives resulted in a focus on higher quality client accounts, minimizing exposure to higher risk clients and partners
  • Company recognized as having the best profit margins in the industry, increasing EBITDA multiple in external investment bank valuation

Internet Registration Company

  • Delivered a sales force profitability model that quickly led to revisions in the client’s sales and margin assumptions
  • Market research and consumer interviews prompted management discussions on pricing policy
  • Broader strategic issues (i.e. data mining, customer segmentation, channel mix, geographies, business development opportunities) were raised
  • Additional operational and organizational issues were surfaced (e.g. cost assumptions, customer service, sales compensation, span of control)

Fortune 50 Financial Services Organization Strategy

  • Designed and implemented a Total Rewards program encompassing 140 rewards, 12 monthly vendor feeds, 257 business rules and 146 links to other web sites
  • Implemented a web-based tool that provides a personalized view of company rewards to all active employees
  • In the first year was accessed by 50% of employees and promotes increased participation in rewards programs through targeted system messaging

Performance Management – Queue Consolidation

  • Consolidated 17 queues to four, increased capacity, streamlined service delivery and positioned centers for virtual call routing
  • 21% reduction in unit costs; 24% reduction in call support staff
  • First year savings of $900K against staff of 140 agents

Financial Close Process for a Financial Services Organization

  • Reduced the close cycle time from 16 days to 7 days (56%)
  • Improved data accuracy and quality
  • Eliminated 6,200 man hours a year from the close process

Litigation Support and Application Development for a Financial Services Organization

  • A custom solution that more efficiently and effectively archives email required for legal discoveries
  • 50%+ reduction in email volume archived (12 terabytes of storage)
  • $3M in annual savings
  • Smaller archive drives significantly faster legal searches and reduced liability exposure

Health and Wellness Program Implementation

  • Completed project on-time and on budget
  • Achieved over 50% participation in the Health Assessment in four months (Three year goal is 75% participation)
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