"Major Oak understood where we were going, put structure around our thoughts and ideas, and delivered what we needed.  They have more experience – in other words, they didn’t throw a lot of inexperienced people at us."- Director, Shared Services at a Fortune 100 Defense Contractor


When Adam Golden and John Soley joined together in 2004 to form Major Oak Consulting, they shared a common vision — both of what they wanted and what they didn’t want their management consulting firm to be.  More than anything, they wanted to create an environment in which they and other talented consultants could follow their passion – spending all day, every day helping clients achieve their full potential.  What they didn’t want was the bureaucracy, layers, distractions, new business quotas, and hidden agendas that, at many other firms, often get in the way of delivering the very best business performance solutions.

Both brought impressive and deep experience that was highly relevant to their new endeavor.

Adam had spent 15 years serving both internal and external clients in line management, consulting, and project management positions at Dun & Bradstreet, Prudential, and CherryRoad Technologies. He has delivered notable results on both large- and small-scale projects across a variety of areas, including Finance and Human Resources strategy, outsourcing, business process redesign, shared services and change management.

John began his career working in various management positions in investment operations and systems in the financial services industry. He soon realized that he loved working on business process improvement initiatives, so he moved to more project-based assignments as both an external and internal management consultant at Price Waterhouse, Prudential, and CherryRoad Technologies. He too has delivered impressive results on both stand-alone and large, complex projects, including extensive international work.

Through their careers, Adam and John have learned valuable lessons about being effective management consultants, which are reflected today in Major Oak’s business model.  They keep the business aligned with their passion – helping clients enable performance improvements.  And, they maintain a culture and environment where it’s easy for them and their team – all highly experienced management consultants – to maintain a strong customer focus.  They believe with conviction that what’s best for the clients will, in the end, also be best for them.  Beyond that, the rest will take care of itself.

So far, they’ve been right.  Major Oak has experienced impressive growth since its inception, and much of that success is referral-based.  With a portfolio that includes strategy development, business process improvement, change management, outsourcing guidance, project management and program management, the firm develops and delivers solutions for clients ranging from Fortune 500 to emerging growth businesses.