"Major Oak is results driven; you can trust them to do the right thing. I was impressed with their depth of knowledge. They helped me think outside of the box and envision multiple options to overcome our challenges."- CEO at a leading BPO and Contact Center Outsource provider



Major Oak is committed to several simple yet highly effective principles. This pragmatic approach combined with our culture of mutual respect, true collaboration, and a razor-sharp customer focus enables us to meet and exceed expectations in each and every engagement.

Customer Intimacy

As a boutique firm, we are highly engaged with our clients. We provide more personal attention and greater responsiveness than most other consulting firms. We treat all tasks, large and small, with the same care and consideration. We go the extra mile to achieve an in-depth understanding of the issues our solutions will address. This closeness is why clients say they enjoy working with us. With Major Oak, you get a true partner – one who is completely committed to delivering the solution that meets your objectives.

Proven Expertise

Our management consultants, many of whom are certified project managers, have worked in consulting and industry for an average of more than 20 years. They all have extensive experience leading a wide range of projects that have delivered impressive results for our clients. With Major Oak, you get the best – an A team excited by complex challenges, not afraid to get their hands dirty, and knows how to get the job done right the first time.

Targeted Best Practice Solutions

What works for one company does not necessarily work for another. Major Oak understands that every organization’s goals, culture, capabilities and resources are different. In fact, one of the many reasons we are excited about what we do is because every engagement is unique. We work with you to develop the tailored solution your organization needs to sustain performance improvements, align with industry best practices, and achieve your goals.

A Keen Focus on Results

Large, company-wide projects. Optimization of processes. Highly targeted strategic initiatives. Technology implementations. Regardless of the type of engagement, Major Oak is laser-focused on structuring and enabling performance improvements that will enhance competitiveness and growth. We work closely with you upfront to establish improvement goals and determine how they’ll be measured. Then, we analyze the situation and uncover every opportunity to deliver meaningful performance results.

High Value for the Bottom Line

At Major Oak, we don’t become paralyzed by lack of know-how or by waiting for more senior consultants to step in. We don’t get distracted attempting to sell you add-on work. Rather, unwavering project focus combined with our deep experience, proven approach, and analytical tools enable Major Oak to execute your project faster. Furthermore, we don’t over-sell our services. For example, if clients have the available resources, we believe they should implement our solutions themselves. In the end, our commitment to value – and to only offering you what you actually need – saves your organization time and money.

Independent Perspectives

Major Oak isn’t aligned with any outsourcers, software providers, or other vendors. By keeping a safe distance in our interactions with the vendor community, we’ve earned our clients’ trust. They know, regardless of the type of solution in question, we will always keep their best interests front and center.