"I'm looking for intelligence and that's what I get with Major Oak. It's more about their thought process as opposed to a specific area of expertise that makes them a great partner. We value their focus, attention to detail and thoroughness – and they are much more nimble and flexible than other providers. It's like Christmas morning when I get their final deliverable. I know what to expect, but I always get more."- Senior Director, Human Resources at a global Fortune 100 company


Major Oak Consulting was founded on a simple but powerful concept: Deliver outstanding work that exceeds our clients’ expectations and enables their success. We bring this concept to life by approaching every project with:

A Client-Centric Perspective

Whether the project is large or small, we strive to provide consistently outstanding service, guidance and value. We eagerly do whatever it takes to deliver on our commitment to the client.

Unmatched Integrity

We maintain an open and candid dialogue with our clients, ensuring their long-term goals and needs drive our behavior at all times. Our approach nurtures an environment of honesty and mutual respect – two key drivers of program success.

A Strong Sense of Urgency

Clients value our high level of responsiveness to all requests.

Forward-Thinking Flexibility

Clients are addressing changing and evolving needs, often in markets that are moving targets. We go above and beyond to remain flexible in our client relationships in order to effectively address challenges and remove obstacles to success, ensuring it is always easy to do business with Major Oak.