Continuous Improvement (CI) Initiative


State-operated workers compensation claims management service provider offering insurance to over 25,000 companies.


Create an internal Continuous Improvement (CI) team – develop and implement CI methodologies across the organization with assigned stakeholder responsibilities.


  • Established organizational goal alignment and prioritization
  • Formed a cross-functional Continuous Improvement team
  • Created a culture of Continuous Improvement


Our client, a state-operated workers compensation claims management service provider, recently completed a Business Process Modeling (BPM) project to document its Injury Services (claims) and Employer Services (policy) processes. The outputs from this effort included both current and future state process maps and yielded a series of improvement projects ranging from “quick wins” to longer-term initiatives. The client engaged Major Oak Consulting to establish a Continuous Improvement (CI) team designed to spearhead initiatives related to the opportunities and improvement projects identified as a result of the BPM engagement. The team would also be responsible for identifying additional opportunities related to improving the productivity and efficiency within the organization.

Project Details

During the creation of the client’s yearly strategic plan, an initiative was put in place to drive productivity and efficiency improvements using CI methodology. The agency possessed a QA team that was already working with all departments, and leveraged those team leaders to champion the initiative with Major Oak. Our first step of the initiative involved working with executive and management teams to establish a project prioritization model, define the team’s core purpose and scope, and outline qualities required for team members; we developed a prioritization matrix and created a cross-functional CI team with representatives from every department. Prior to beginning the first improvement projects, the CI team worked with Major Oak to develop a team charter to serve as the guiding document for the team and all identified improvement initiatives.
The team charter defined team structure and each member’s associated role. A communication plan was created to ensure consistent messaging, and to keep the organization up to date on CI related projects. Service Level Agreements and a RACI (Responsible/Accountable/Consulted/Informed) chart were established to ensure teams were working together efficiently and effectively. Key Performance Indicators were also defined to measure the impact of all improvement projects. Once the initial project was underway, Major Oak delivered three training sessions to team members, ensuring a working knowledge of concepts and methodologies to be leveraged for each initiative. Training topics included Root Cause Analysis, Brainstorming/ Visioning, and Business Process Modeling. The first project was completed utilizing a team comprised of CI members and Subject Matter Experts from the affected department, with Major Oak serving in a project management role. Additionally, Major Oak served as a guide and mentor to new CI leaders to ensure and reinforce an organizational culture of sustainable continuous improvement.

The Major Oak Difference

Major Oak was able to eliminate barriers between departments and demonstrate to employees how continuous improvement can serve as a vital ingredient to ongoing
operational excellence and performance improvement. Working with all departments simultaneously and utilizing a dedicated resource, our team was able to create a CI team, develop a team charter and deliver a completed improvement project in just 13 weeks.