Day 2 Strategy


Fortune 50 Global Financial Services Company.


Develop post implementation (“Day 2”) strategy to minimize operational and security impact to the Enterprise after a $60M+ consolidation of their global communications platform including Active Directory domains, email system, file sharing, text chat, and collaborative platforms.


  • Identified and documented the cascading impacts of their Global Communication Platform (GCP) project with input from seven track leads/teams classifying 70+ projects by tracks impacted, enterprise risk and relative consequence ranking
  • Coordinated Day 2 strategy for technology infrastructures of over 40 countries having 40+ email and calendaring systems, 20+ intranets, 30+ directory structures and 35+ file sharing systems
  • Presented the next year project roadmap identifying seven initiatives comprised of 35 projects


The foundation of success in today’s business climate requires a standardized global communication and collaboration platform available throughout the entire organization. Migrating to technologies that enable global platform standards is a key step in achieving this goal. Our client, a Global Financial Services leader, acquired a competitor with offices in over 40 countries. The challenge was to build a unified global communication platform using best-of-breed technology while improving data and communication security. The client, in the midst of deploying the technology, engaged Major Oak to review the current implementation environment, facilitate discussions across implementation track leads and develop the Day 2 post-deployment strategy.

Project Details:

Initially, the client used a myriad of email and calendaring systems, desktops, intranets, directories and file sharing systems across five lines of business in over 40 countries. To minimize risk, maintenance costs and improve service, the client was implementing a $60+M global communication platform. The platform implementation involved several project tracks and departments including Change Management Support, Enterprise Infrastructure, Desktop Standardization, Collaboration Technology, HR, ERP, Database Migration, Enterprise and Line of Business Architecture, Legal, and Office/Desktop Productivity. Under Major Oak’s supervision, over 40 meetings were facilitated within and between the various track and project stakeholders (38 senior team members). The effort identified the anticipated impacts of project deliverable by tracks to be impacted, type of issues (operations, support), Day 2 strategy, enterprise risks, cost estimates, and project duration ranges.

The Major Oak Difference:

Major Oak’s team, led by a former CIO, quickly and successfully facilitated the process to gather pertinent information, classify input, rank initiative and build a strategy framework. Major Oak’s experience included intimate technical knowledge of various communication and collaboration platforms in addition to executive experience in guiding a team to a unified roadmap. This allowed the organization to better understand the cascading effects and integration points across the geographically and managerially diverse project and approach Day 2 strategically and effectively.