Health and Wellness Program Implementation


Health and Wellness Department of a Global Financial Services Organization

Client Challenge:

Improve the overall health of employees through education of individual health risks and access to health coaching


  • Completed project on-time and on budget
  • Achieved over 50% participation in the Health Assessment in four months (Three year goal is 75% participation)


Health care costs are rising every year due to many factors. Over the past five years, health insurance premiums have grown 73% (SHRM Research, 2005). Specific factors for our client are 1) an aging employee population, 2) a significant retiree population and 3) their associated medical conditions.

Based on these factors and the overall changes in the health care industry, there is an increased focus on consumerism – empowering consumers to affect the rising cost of health care by promoting proper use of health care services, encouraging a healthier lifestyle, and creating more educated, responsible consumers of health care. Research shows a direct correlation between lower health risk, healthier lifestyle and lower cost.

Project Details:

Our client engaged Major Oak to manage the two new projects under the Total Health Management program: Health Quotient and Health Coaching. Our role as project manager included activities such as conducting weekly status meetings, completing vendor risk assessments, maintaining the project plan and ensuring effective team communications. The Health Quotient is an online health risk assessment through an external partner that asks employees a series of questions about their medical history and lifestyle. Based on the answers to these questions, the employee receives a rating that indicates his or her level of health risk.

Once the online assessment has been completed, employees are offered an opportunity to engage a Health Coach and enroll in a variety of programs designed to help employees reduce health risks and encourage healthier lifestyle behaviors.

The project was deemed a huge success as the 50% participation rate in just 4 months has exceeded expectations of 75% over 3 years.

The Major Oak Difference:

Major Oak’s superior project management consultant kept the project on-time and on budget.

Major Oak also identified the criteria to measure overall project success once the new service is operational for 6-12 months to ensure project goals are met.