John Soley
Managing Partner

“We work hard to maintain a culture and environment where our team of experienced consultants can keep a strong customer focus. If Adam and I are successful in doing this, the rest will take care of itself.”


John is a co-founder and principal of Major Oak Consulting with 25+ years of leadership experience across a variety of areas including management consulting, investment operations and systems, finance and human resources. At Major Oak, John has overall responsibility for project delivery, which involves developing and delivering solutions for clients ranging from Fortune 500 to emerging growth businesses.

After receiving a BA in Economics from Drew University, John began his career working in various management positions in investment operations and systems in the financial services industry. He soon realized that he loved working on projects to improve business processes, so he moved to more project-based assignments as both an external and internal management consultant.  After working at Price Waterhouse, Prudential and a mid-size consulting firm, John founded Major Oak Consulting with Adam Golden. Here, John continues to work with clients to help them achieve their full potential.

John has extensive international experience in managing projects across financial and human resources areas, as well as other business functions. His projects range from implementing a global employee stock purchase plan for a large financial services firm to designing an organization model for an HR team at a large food services firm to helping a mid-size service provider develop a new product pricing model.

John also has an MBA in Finance from Rutgers University. He and his wife Fátima live in New Jersey and have three children. In his free time, John enjoys outdoor activities, including hiking and running marathons.