Lean Business Transformation


Our client is responsible for managing and protecting the integrity of the production systems and environments for all U.S. based applications. Their goal is to support all client and application user requests for issue resolution, as well as prevent the recurrence of incidents through the completion of root cause analysis and the implementation of permanent solutions to remove errors.

Facing increasing cost pressures, as well as demands from their business customers, our client was seeking to increase transparency, improve reliability and provide better service levels, all while removing costs from their business. Our client was interested in utilizing Lean principles and methodologies to facilitate the achievement of these goals and begin their journey as a Lean organization.

Major Oak was engaged to lead the transformation of the Production Management team.

Project Details

The project was split into 4 waves, each with its own Diagnostic, Design and Implementation phases. Small teams were established for each wave, with “Lean Navigators” identified to act as ongoing Lean champions. Opportunities were identified in each wave; however 4 foundational themes ran across all 4 waves:

  • Complexity-based Segmentation – Ensuring tickets were being handled by the right resources by matching responder capabilities with ticket complexity. Improving offshore transparency with the development of tools was critical to this success.
  • Improved Process Efficiency – Redesigning the flow of tickets to minimize handoffs and wait times. Several new roles were designed and implemented to facilitate this change.
  • Reduce Non-ticketed Demand – Maximizing responder time to resolve tickets was a major focus of the project. Role definition and meeting rationalization were key initiatives.
  • Performance Management Tools (Scorecard & OLA) – An Operating Level Agreement and Scorecard were developed for the Production Management team to enable constructive conversations and drive corrective actions.

Existing best practices were standardized wherever possible. A major factor in the success of the project was Major Oak’s ability to work closely with both the client and vendor resources.

The Major Oak Difference

Major Oak led the project team, consisting of an internal improvement team , vendor associates, as well as operational resources. Our lead’s focus, attention to detail, change management skills and unrelenting drive to arrive at the right set of solutions was the cornerstone of the project’s success.

Our highly experienced consultant’s knowledge of Lean methodologies and selection of the right tools to work with the teams to design and deliver pragmatic, workable solutions was essential to ensuring customer buy-in and ongoing success.

Major Oak prides itself in working closely with our clients through fact and facilitation based approaches, to design and implement practical, sustainable, “client-owned” solutions.