Major Oak Culture Initiative

Major Oak proudly announces the completion of an important project designed to align our company culture with the ideas and values that resonate most deeply with our people. Responses were overwhelmingly positive and showed that our company culture is in a healthy state and that staff engagement is high across the board. When asked to define Major Oak’s culture, the following characteristics were consistently mentioned:

  • Focus on delivering high-quality work to the client
  • Genuine interest in the well being of employees
  • Highly professional consultants
  • Open to new ideas and feedback
  • Respect for work/life balance
  • Foster professional growth and development

Major Oak was founded on the simple concept of delivering outstanding work that exceeds our clients’ expectations and enables their success. Employee feedback showed that the Major Oak culture is aligned with our core values:

  • A client-centric perspective
  • Unmatched integrity
  • A strong sense of urgency
  • Forward-thinking flexibility

Overall, employees appreciated the efforts made by Major Oak leaders to create and foster a positive working environment. Many stated that our focus on recruiting high-quality people is the most important thing we can do to ensure long-term growth and success.