Project Success

Major Oak completes second project for financial services company, delivering $1.2MM in hard dollar savings.

The project was comprised of two distinct processing areas. In the first area, Major Oak designed and deployed a multi-tiered agent skilling model in a combination front-office / back-office environment. The new design led to a 35% improvement in turnaround time, while maintaining service levels and reducing payroll costs 18% ($500K).

In the second area, a client services group, Major Oak redesigned the way work was received and processed, and effectively moved the organization to a shared services model. This complex effort required detailed processĀ re-engineeringĀ and change management techniques. In doing so, Major Oak helped the organization increase work visibility, decrease turnaround times and improve CSAT. Hard dollar savings in the area exceeded 700K and the new work design model was fully assimilated before project completion.

At Major Oak, we implement positive change and guarantee results. If we don’t deliver, you don’t pay.