Relocation Policy for Large Restaurant Chain


Fortune 100 Worldwide Restaurant Chain

Client Challenge:

To improve the existing relocation policy


  • Allow more moves with the same budget
  • Contain program costs
  • Sell homes faster
  • Manage inventory risk
  • Better manage temporary assignments


Our client wanted to review its existing relocation policy to identify opportunities for improvement through process changes and benchmarking with other companies. Additionally, the client desired a broad review of the application of the relocation program across the corporation to ensure consistency. Major Oak was retained to manage this effort and lead the policy review.

Project Details:

The project began with a review of the current relocation process through detailed interviews with process owners, users of the services, division leaders and HR executives. In parallel, the project team gained insights into the economics behind the employee moves. The result was an understanding of what worked in the current process, what could be done better, and the cost of different types of moves within the organization.

The team interviewed corporations within and outside the client’s industry. The result was a set of best practices that leading companies have adopted to ensure their relocation policies generate value for business leaders, users and ultimately shareholders.

The final product was a set of recommendations to improve the efficiency of the relocation process and the effectiveness of the policy. Among the recommendations were a proposed policy that better matched relocation benefits with organizational value, better alignment of incentives to sell housing inventory faster, a temporary move policy to simplify relocation costs and housing impact and increased relocation policy flexibility. Many of these recommendations were discussed with the client during the project and adopted immediately, even before the final report was issued.

The Major Oak Difference:

Our experienced team worked hand‐in‐hand with the client team to leverage the deep client knowledge on the relocation process and marketplace. Major Oak brought a fresh, external perspective, as well as insights gleaned from interviews with other corporations. The result was a set of recommendations that were pragmatic, based on best practices, and tailored to meet the specific needs of this industry leader.